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"Traditional university is hard and very time consuming, and from experience I know that keeping a full time job and going to school full time is very, very difficult. PelotonU knows that fact and found a way to work around it, making it so that it really is all around your schedule."

-Connor, a PelotonU graduate

At PelotonU...

Make your own schedule.

Work on school when you want. You aren't confined to class every morning at 8am. Build your school schedule around your work and life. We have two campuses in Austin and are open all day, into the evenings, and on Saturdays too, giving you options when you work on school.

Earn a degree fast.

Since the schools we work with are tailored for working students, you're only enrolled in one class at a time. This means you don't have to worry about juggling multiple deadlines, and it also means you can fly through classes. On average, our students graduate with an Associate's degree in 9-12 months and a Bachelor's degree in 2.5-3 years.

Curious what degrees are offered? Check out the list here.

Pay tuition that's actually affordable.

Faster classes means spending less money on school. The cost of college through PelotonU is $5,500/year without any hidden costs or fees. Over 70% of our students cover this full cost with their Pell Grant, costing them nothing to join our program. We're committed to helping you find a way to graduate debt-free, and can chat through financial options that make the most sense for you.

Get the support you need.

Going to school online can be hard. That's why having a support system of other students like you, working full-time and also going to school makes a real difference. You'll have an office to study in, peers to collaborate with, and mentors to provide guidance, accountability, and tutoring.


Going to college is hard work. If you're thinking about joining us, you need to commit 12 hours a week to our program and school work.

What your week looks like at PelotonU:

student persistence

Work on school at our campus

We require that students spend time at our campus each week. This way, you're getting the support and space you need to finish classes, distraction free.


Get coaching that matters


Each week, you'll check-in with your College Completion Advisor (CCA). This is an hour for y'all to catch up on school, work, and life.

students enrolled

Tackle weekly assignments

Expect to turn in academic assignments weekly. This is our way of holding you accountable to graduating on-time.

Stop by and check out our space:

Central Campus


500 East St. Johns Ave

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  • Mon-Thurs from 9am-9pm

  • Fri & Sat from 9am-5pm

South Campus



2901 Montopolis Dr

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  • Mon-Wed from 4-8pm