"There is no such thing as a dumb question."

-Carl Sagan


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PelotonU’s vision and mission?

Our vision is that any student with the will and drive to graduate from college can earn a degree, regardless of geography or economics. Our mission is to provide working students with a pathway and the support to graduate from college on-time and debt-free.

Is PelotonU a university?

No, we are not a university. Our students attend one of the high quality, nonprofit, online universities we work with (Mainly SNHU and WGU). These are the schools your degree is actually from.

Is PelotonU a scholarship?

Yes, and lots more. All of our students have access to apply for our financial scholarship that help cover the cost of tuition to the university they attend.

What degrees can I earn?

See the full list of degrees you can work on here. Most of our students are studying Communications, Management, or Healthcare Management. It's also possible to study General Studies and then transfer to another university afterwards.

How is PelotonU debt-free for students?

Our goal is that you graduate from college debt-free. Over 70% of our students pay for college with their Pell Grant, and the remaining utilize tuition reimbursement from an employer, self-pay, or receive our scholarship. We make sure that college is extremely affordable while you are with PelotonU. If you want to transfer to another school after our program, we'll help you make a savings plan to finish paying for college.

Who is a good match for PelotonU?

If you want a college degree, and are willing to commit time and energy to school - even if you’re not sure what that looks like - we’d love to talk with you.

I’ve heard bad things about online schools…why do you work with them?

You’re right, many online schools are expensive and low quality - don’t worry, we don’t work with those schools. We work with a few really good ones that have the best accreditation, an affordable price, and competency-based curriculum. This ensures you’ll have more flexibility than you can find at local universities.

Do I have to live in Austin to join?

You have to live within commuting distance of one of our campuses in Austin. You don't have to live within city limits, just within a distance you're comfortable commuting from for the mandatory time at our campus each week.

Do I have to come to your office? What if it’s far from me?

Our students are required to come to our office for anywhere from 8-12 hours a week when they start the program. Most of our students have a car, ride the bus, or bike to one of our campuses. If it’s far from where you live, give us a call and we’ll discuss options that have worked for other students.

Where is PelotonU and when is it open?

Our Central Campus is located at 500 East St. Johns Ave, Suite 1460 in a building called the For the City Center across the street from Webb Middle School. We're open Monday-Thursday from 9am-9pm and Friday & Saturday from 9am-5pm at this location.

Our South Campus is located at 2901 Montopolis Dr, in a building called the Southeast Health & Wellness Clinic. There, we're open Monday-Wednesday from 4-8pm.

I don’t know what I want to do or study. Can I still be a part of the program?

Of course! During the first two months of the program, you and your College Completion Advisor will meet and discuss careers and majors that may be a good fit for you based on what you enjoy, skills you have, and regional employment data.

I don’t know if I have time for school right now...should I still apply?

Going to college is a big commitment, but our program is designed for individuals like you with a full-time job and other important responsibilities. We'll help you learn to balance these various priorities! We encourage you to apply and Samantha, our Director of Admissions, will help you think through whether our program makes sense for you right now.

What is a peloton anyways?

A peloton is a racing term used to describe a group of cyclists. When cyclists stick together, they go faster because the ‘peloton’ breaks the wind more. We like this analogy because online education is hard if you’re doing it alone, but with a group, it’s easier.

What do I need to join?

Start by filling out the short form here. Then we’ll follow up with a phone call to explain the rest of the process to get started!