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PelotonU provides Austin students a debt-free pathway to a college education

About PelotonU

pel·o·ton /ˈpeləˌtän / noun: A peloton is a group working in unison to help one another achieve a goal that would be impossible individually

Feel Stuck and Can't Seem to Make College Work?

Finding the time and money to pay for college is hard when life never slows down. That's why 80% of students who work while in college don’t graduate-- something has to give when you are trying to juggle so much. But now more than ever it's increasingly important to earn a college education. In fact, over 90% of the fastest growing jobs in Texas actually require a college degree. And those with a college education make over twice as much on average in wages compared to high school graduates.

We know the road to graduating from college seems long and hard, but what if  you had help and support along the way?

That's Why We Are Here. 

Since 2012, PelotonU has offered a higher education pathway for hard working college students that blends online education and in-person mentorship. Based in Austin, the program provides college students flexibility to study on their own time, opportunity to avoid debt, and exposure to experiences outside the classroom. Students study at the PelotonU office located in Vessel and receive a scholarship to help pay for college. They graduate with a clear plan to pursue their vocation. Here is our approach:

learn-icon  High-Quality Online Education

Students are matched to a regionally-accredited and competency-based online university based on their long-term education goals. The flexibility of these college degrees allow school to fit alongside students’ other commitments and responsibilities.

work-icon  Weekly In-Person Support

In-person support occurs at PelotonU's office where students spend at least 12 hours a week. Our College Completion Advisors coach students through balancing school, work, and life while also offering additional tutoring.

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We are now accepting applications for our October class. Our team is dedicated to making sure you graduate from college on time and with no debt. Fill out the short application below and we will email to set up a call where we'll explain the program and learn about your education and long-term goals.

We'll be honest, earning a college degree is hard work. We are looking for people who are tough and willing to put in the time and effort needed to graduate. It's okay if you don't know what you want to study, are nervous about going back to school, or aren't sure how to fit college into your schedule. That's where we help, and our program is specifically for working students like you. During the phone call, we can chat through all the details and share what's worked for other students.

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Less than 20% of working students graduate from college. We provide a pathway for them to obtain a college education.